Residential Real Estate Law Services From A Trusted Attorney

Buying or selling a home can be a way to move on to a new chapter of your life. For many people, this is an exciting event. It can, however, be overwhelming to read through the contracts, mortgage documents and other paperwork. This is where a lawyer can provide valuable assistance. In fact, many financial institutions in Connecticut require an attorney to perform certain services during real estate purchases, sales and refinances.At The Ferrara Law Group, we represent clients in residential real estate matters throughout Fairfield and the surrounding area. You can rely on our attorney to guide you through the buying or selling process. We offer competitive legal fees and highly efficient legal services. Please speak with us at 203-255-9877 to learn more about how we can help.

We Will Ensure Your Rights Are Protected Throughout The Process

Our residential real estate practice includes representation during:

  • Closings
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Refinances

We will review the real estate broker/agent contracts, purchase and sales contracts, mortgage documents and the title search to ensure that the terms are fair and that your interests are protected. At the closing, we will review the documents, explain them to you and address any last-minute issues that arise.

In addition, we can explain the tax consequences of selling property. This is an important consideration if you are concerned about the capital gains tax.

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