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Surrogacy and assisted reproduction technology allow many couples to become parents despite the reproductive barriers they may face. Today, couples with infertility issues as well as gay and lesbian couples frequently turn to these processes to build the family they have hoped for. Although surrogacy and other forms of assisted reproduction often have wonderful outcomes, the processes involved can be very complex.At The Ferrara Law Group in Fairfield, Connecticut, we have devoted a substantial part of our practice to protecting those who are going through surrogacy or assisted reproduction methods. With a strong knowledge of assisted reproduction law, we can help ensure that your rights are protected at all times no matter what process you are going through, including:

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Unique Knowledge Of Assisted Reproduction

Victoria Ferrara is an international surrogacy lawyer committed to protecting the rights of parents who are undergoing assisted reproduction. In 2011, she served as the lead attorney in the Connecticut Supreme Court case of
Raftopol vs. Ramey. This decision set a new standard of legal parentage for nongenetic parents involved in surrogacy. According to the ruling:

“An Intended Parent who is a party to a gestational agreement may be deemed the legal parent of the child to be born whether or not that Intended Parent is genetically related to the child.”

This means that if you are not biologically related to your child, but you sign a gestational agreement prior to the child’s birth, you are the child’s legal parent. Before this ruling, legal parentage could only be established after the child was born through adoption.

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